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Who We Are

Principal Broker


​Ric Lazare is an Insurance Specialist in Life Insurance, Income Protection, Retirement, and Estate Planning.​

As an independent business professional, Ric brings over 20 years experience operating businesses here in the Okanagan valley

Ric helps clients to avoid any future crisis in the event of illness, disability, retirement, or death. His clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of their personal and financial affairs have been looked after in a professional, cost efficient, and caring manner. He is always there for his clients.

Our Firm​

At Lazare Financial Services we take pride in providing professional investment and risk management solutions to our clients. Our approach is simple yet comprehensive - by understanding that each client’s needs and situations are unique to them and developing effective and meaningful strategies to meet their goals at all stages of their lives.

As an independent Financial Planning firm, we will partner with you to educate and guide you as well as implement financial strategies which will enable you to achieve your goals. Lazare Financial Services is independent of any financial institution and we are advocates working for you without bias.

We are passionate about helping people make financial decisions that are in consonance with their principles, values and dreams as well of those of their heirs. We welcome the opportunity to show you how.

Located in Kelowna, British Columbia we work for clients throughout the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. Whether you are interested in a comprehensive financial plan or more specific wealth creation advice, we will provide you with experienced, knowledgeable and professional service.​

Complimentary Consultation​​​​​​​​​​​

• Need objective help with substantive financial issues?
• Are you on track to achieve “financial freedom”, buy that vacation home or send the kids to University?
• Is your current advisor focused on your needs?
• The key to achieving any goal is to take the first step


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