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MY HSA (Health Spending Account)

What is an HSA (Health Spending Account)


  • An HSA is a Canada Revenue Agency approved method to provide medical, dental and

      vision benefits in a tax-efficient manner

  • The corporation can write off 100% of the costs related to its HSA

  • All expenses reimbursed are Tax Free to the employees


Types of expenses that are covered


  • The employee may claim for any medical expenses that are allowable under the Income Tax Act. Click Here for the list of elligible expenses

  • This is a very wide range of services that include many items which are not typically allowed under a normal group benefits plan


Typical client for a Health Spending Account (Private Health Services Plan)


  • Every business owner who has an incorporated company should have one

  • It is the most tax effective way to run health, dental, and vision expenses through the


  • If an employer wishes to offer benefits to other employee classes, they can create a custom plan for each class


Who can qualify under a Health Spending Account (Private Health Services Plan)


  • The employer has complete control over which employees are covered under the plan and what amount they give them to spend

  • The employees are "classed" at the start of the benefit term and the limits of coverage are set based on certain criteria designed by you and your broker

  • The employer has complete control of which employee receives the benefit of the HSA and can add, or delete them at any time



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