The Centurion REOT is an income and capital growth oriented investment trust that allows qualified investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of mortgages and opportunistic real estate developments. The Centurion REOT is a unique strategy in Canada that provides retail investors with income from mortgages and higher growth potential from equity participation.

Features & Benefits:


  • Monthly Distributions

  • Expected Returns 7 - 12% - Expected Mortgage returns of 7 - 12%, and Real Estate Development Returns of 15 - 25%.

  • Diversified Portfolio of mortgages and real estate developments.

  • All mortgage loans are collateralized.

  • In development/equity transactions, Centurion is in a preferred position – first to receive return of investment and bonus payment.

Centurion Asset Management Inc. is a Canadian company that offers a growing portfolio of private investment products, mortgage financing, apartment and student housing property management. The company owns and operates quality residential rental properties in Canadian communities and are continuously expanding.