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“A diversified, performing and secured investment income bond for everyday investors and private corporations’ looking for a predictable and reliable stream of fixed income”.


The Investment & Returns

OmniArch purchases discounted residential mortgage backed securities and in turn provides Canadian investors with monthly cash flow from these bonds generating a secured, fixed, 10% per annum return, paid monthly*.

  • $10,000 minimum investment cash or RRSP

  • 10% per annum fixed return paid monthly, compounded option available dependent on the class of bond acquired.

  • 5 year investment term (investment has a liquidity option/early exit should you require your capital back within 5 years – see item 5.1 redemption rights of bonds, as referenced in the applicable offering memorandum)

  • OmniArch Fixed Income Bond is approved and eligible for all registered plans (RRSP/TFSA/RRIF/LIRA) (You can invest your RSP’s into OmniArch’s funds)

  • First title / first position security (your investment is secured)

  • No annual management fee

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