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Private Market


As a licensed exempt market dealing representative with WhiteHaven Securities I am able to provide investment options that are uncorrelated to the stock market fluctuations. The world of alternative investments is changing, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Historically alternative strategies comprised a very small portion of client portfolios, usually through the use of hedge funds, with a mandate to produce absolute returns.

However, over the last few years, there has been an emergence of new strategies in the alternative private market space, and that has led to a much larger variety of products, which in turn has altered and enhanced the role of alternatives within a given portfolio.

Due to their attractive returns and their low correlation to traditional asset classes, alternative products remain an excellent means of diversifying a portfolio, and can be customized to provide clients with the right level of risk adjusted returns.

Segregated Funds


Segregated funds can play an important role as part of a comprehensive financial plan.

Segregated funds are offered through insurance companies and are sometimes referred to as Guaranteed Investment Funds or GIFs. They offer several unique characteristics, such as:

• Ability to lock in gains
• Principal Maturity guarantees
• Death benefit guarantees, and
• Potential creditor protection

  • Estate and probate bypass with named beneficiary

These characteristics can make segregated funds an ideal option under certain circumstances. LF Services can help you evaluate the potential benefits of adding segregated funds to your investment strategy.



An annuity is a contract that guarantees a series of payments in exchange for a lump sum investment. These contracts are offered by Insurance Companies.

A way to look at what an annuity is to think of them as the mirror image of a mortgage. Although you are purchasing the annuity, you are actually lending your money to the issuer. The issuer then invests those funds and contracts to repay you, with interest. Annuities are paid out in predetermined installments over a set period of time. This may be for an agreed upon number of years, as in term-certain-to-age-90 annuities, or for life.​


Finding balance between equity investments and fixed income investments is a key strategy for creating a portfolio protected from market volatility. Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC) are a conservative low-risk investment vehicle that offer a dependable rate of return over a fixed term

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