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Who should invest?


  • Investors looking for income – monthly distributions.

  • Registered accounts – compounding effects with low volatility.

  • Portfolio diversifiers – historically little correlation with stock market.

Features & Benefits:


  • Security of residential real estate

  • Consistent 8% Annual Returns

  • Monthly Distributions of Dividends (8.3% effective compounded return)

  • Preservation of capital

  • Eligible for Registered Accounts (RRSP, TFSA, etc.)

  • Management alignment

  • Management and directors own over 20% of shares

Founded in 2007, Secure Capital MIC is a national private lender focused on short term residential loans – over $70m in mortgages funded since inception. Its mission is to provide a predictable and consistent dividend to investors, with an emphasis on capital preservation. The company’s management has over 50 years combined experience in mortgages and financial services.

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