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The Trust has been formed to provide investors an opportunity to invest in commercial real estate properties in Canada and the USA.


The Trust on behalf of its investors will acquire an interest in multi-tenant office, retail and industrial properties that the Trust believes represents superior value, with the objective of generating income and capital growth for investors.


The Trust will be focused on identifying undervalued and undermanaged properties located in major and secondary markets.


The Trust will seize the opportunity to strategically acquire undervalued assets with the objective of maximizing cashflow and value through top tier asset management.

Features & Benefits:


  • Max: $25,000,000.00 $1.00 per Unit.

  • Minimum Subscription: $10,000.00.

  • 4-6 year Investment Hold Period.

  • 7% preferred cumulative return & profit sharing.

  • Quarterly distributions.

  • Registered account eligibility.

Triumph Fund believes that proper asset management by Triumph’s management team will be the key factor enabling Triumph to increase income growth and provide excess returns over the investment period. With Triumph management team’s proven track record and extensive intelligence and market knowledge, investing in Triumph is a promising and strategic way of maximizing investor income.

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